Donnerstag, 14. August 2008

Teilnahme an 'ZEZE' Kunstausstellung in Hitachi (Japan)

Einige der graphischen Arbeiten von Curt-Henning Brune haben den Weg in die 'ZEZE' Kunstausstellung gefunden, die vom 21.08.2008 bis zum 24.08.2008 in Hitachi in Japan stattfindet. Das Bild zeigt das Ausstellungsplakat. Hier der englische Text zur Ausstellung:

2008 Artworks of ZEZE
- Summer Joint Installation in Hitachi -

'ZEZE' Overview of Individual Artwork, Artisan skill.

Something exists deep within these artworks: it is the quest for beauty that drives people to create.

The ZEZE project is launched to provide the opportunity for artists to introduce their unique work. ZEZE is the coined name consisting of the dual Kanji character "ZE". "ZE" (ZE) means 'Individual'. We named this exhibition 'ZEZE' to express the fact that this project focuses on the expression of identity through creative artwork and sentinent of the self and other identities. The ZEZE project aims to provide a shared place and time to show the exhibitors' keen and original viewpoints and KANSEI (KANSEI, sensitivity), and moreover occasion to experience other people's perspectives. ZEZE strives to provoke dialogue on the concept of beauty that exists within the minds of both artists and visitors alike.

Though the 2008 ZEZE exhibition is of short duration since, (from Thursday, August 21st till Sunday, August 24th), we wish that this exhibition will give visitors a chance to experience something that will touch the strings of their minds and bring an assortment of melodies, rhythms, colors, and so on.

The chief materials unsed in the artworks in the 2008 exhibition are paper, clay, bamboo, iron, and stone. But they are not only materials but are dynamic and uplifting, lithe and lyric artworks into which KANSEI (sensitivity) is breathed by the artists.

We are grateful that we can share the sense of beauty, and the excitement we feel when we step into creative work; the state of mental focusing, the unpredictable wonderment at the birth of works and the gratitude for the lifetime we can enjoy, with you!

Artists' Profiles

Henning Brune (Germany)

Impression on Urban and Forest

Christopher Reid Flock (Canada)


Ujyuin (Japan)

Bamboo Lamp & Object

KAZ (Japan)

Colored Stone, metal Accessory Art

Naoto UDA(Japan)

wrought iron work

Kahoru (Japan)

cutout pictographic art

Hideyasu SUMIYA (Japan)

Drawing (Artist's rendition)

Lech Blazejewski (Poland)


And special guests are:

Andra Flock (Canada): Pastel Drawing (Impressionistic work)

Julia & Pola SUMIYA (Japan/Poland): Painting (Compilation:HS)

Dawa (Japan): Painting


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